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µbgpsuite - Micro BGP Suite and Utility library


µbgpsuite, the Micro BGP Suite and Utility library, is a project aiming to provide a low level library and utilities for high-performance and flexible network analysis, with special focus on the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). The purpose of this suite is establishing a friendly environment for research and experimentation of useful data study techniques to improve network health.

lonetix - Low-overhead Networking programming Interface

The project is centered around lonetix, a low overhead and low level networking library written in C. It provides a set of general functionality to implement the suite utilities. lonetix principles are:

  • efficiency: lonetix has to be fast and versatile;
  • predictability: data structures and functions should be predictable and reflect the actual protocol, abstraction should not degenerate into alienation;
  • zero copy and zero overhead: be friendly to your target CPU and cache, you never know just how fast or poweful the target platform will be, ideally lonetix should be capable of performing useful work on embedded systems as well as full fledged power systems alike;
  • lean: try to be self-contained and only introduce dependencies when strictly necessary.

Extensive documentation of lonetix and its API is available.


lonetix is the building block of bgpgrep and peerindex, this far our only two utilities - but more of them are coming, right?

bgpgrep performs fast and reliable analysis of MRT dumps collected by most Route Collecting projects. It takes a different turn compared to most similar tools, in that it provides extensive filtering utilities, in order to extrapolate only relevant data out of each MRT dump (and incidentally save quite some time). In-depth documentation of bgpgrep is available in its man page.

peerindex allows to quickly inspect the peer index table record inside MRT TABLE_DUMP_V2 RIBs. Just like bgpgrep, documentation is available in a dedicated man page.


The Micro BGP Suite uses Meson to manage its build process.

The basic steps to configure and build lonetix and every utility, with debug options enabled, is:

$ git clone
$ cd ubgpsuite
$ meson build && cd build
$ ninja

In case you want to perform a release build, enable the release configuration, like this:

$ git clone
$ cd ubgpsuite
$ meson --buildtype=release build && cd build
$ ninja

Or, alternatively, run the following command inside an already existing build directory:

$ meson configure -Dbuildtype=release
$ ninja

Many build options are available to configure µbgpsuite build, you can use:

$ meson configure

to list them. Refer to the official documentation for more advanced build management tasks.


The Micro BGP Suite uses Doxygen to document its API.

In order to build µbgpsuite documentation you must enable the build-doc configure flag. This flag is enabled automatically if you have doxygen installed in your system when you run meson to configure the project for the first time.

Once the flag is enabled, you can use:

$ ninja doc

inside build directory to generate Doxygen documentation.

You can access the documentation by pointing your web browser to doc/html/index.html inside the build directory.


The Micro BGP Suite is free software. You can redistribute the lonetix library and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License. You can redistribute any utility and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

The Micro BGP Suite is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the license terms for more details.

See COPYING.LESSER for the GNU Lesser General Public License terms, and COPYING.GPL for the GNU General Public License terms.