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--- Implements a spacer widget
-- @classmod yui.Spacer
-- @copyright 2022, The DoubleFourteen Code Forge
-- @author Lorenzo Cogotti, Andrea Pasquini
-- Spacer widget insert a space between two widget.
local BASE = (...):gsub('spacer$', '')
local Widget = require(BASE..'widget')
-- Spacers don't accept focus
local Spacer = setmetatable({
nofocus = true,
__call = function(cls, args) return cls:new(args) end
}, Widget)
Spacer.__index = Spacer
--- Attributes accepted by the @{Spacer} widget @{yui.Widget.WidgetAttributes|attributes}.
-- @param args @{yui.Widget.WidgetAttributes|Widgetattributes} widget attributes
function Spacer:new(args) return setmetatable(args, self) end
return Spacer