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Lorenzo Cogotti 958206f1f7 [*] Rework theme customization.
This commit allows more flexible and consistent theme overriding
rules for each Widget. There are 3 levels of customization.

1. Global theme (yui.theme) this is the default theme for every Ui
2. Ui theme, this overrides the global theme and provides a default
   for every Widget of the Ui
3. Widget theme, this overrides the Ui theme for a single widget

This commit also allows themes to specify a font field.
This replaces the sparse color, font and cornerRadius field often
provided by each Widget.
Widgets and Uis may also partially override a theme by specifying
only a few fields.
2 years ago
Lorenzo Cogotti 1d42498ee7 [*] General code improvement.
* Rework navigation allowing direct management and triggering for grabkeyboard widgets.
* Navigation code now behaves better with deeply nested layouts.
* Allow widget hierarchies deeper than 2 (__call() is implemented for every Widget metatable).
* Make BASE locals more secure (match '<filename>$' in regexp)
2 years ago
Lorenzo Cogotti 6dd7691d71 [*] Initial commit. 2 years ago