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serialize = 'https://git.doublefourteen.io/lua/df-serialize'
serialize = 'https://gitea.it/1414codeforge/df-serialize'

@ -13,11 +13,11 @@ It makes your game easy to translate to multiple languages.
## Dependencies
**moonspeak** uses [df-serialize](https://git.doublefourteen.io/lua/df-serialize)
**moonspeak** uses [df-serialize](https://gitea.it/1414codeforge/df-serialize)
to read the dictionary file.
You may either doenload **df-serialize** manually and place it inside a `lib` subdirectory,
or use [crush](https://git.doublefourteen.io/lua/crush)
or use [crush](https://gitea.it/1414codeforge/crush)
to do this for you.
## Using crush to download moonspeak dependencies
@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ to do this for you.
1. Clone this repository.
git clone https://git.doublefourteen.io/lua/moonspeak
git clone https://gitea.it/1414codeforge/moonspeak
2. Move to repository root directory:
@ -44,14 +44,14 @@ You should now see a `lib` subdirectory containing the necessary dependencies.
## Integrating moonspeak in my project using crush
1. Download the latest [crush.lua](https://git.doublefourteen.io/lua/crush/src/branch/master/crush.lua) file and
1. Download the latest [crush.lua](https://gitea.it/1414codeforge/crush/src/branch/master/crush.lua) file and
place it in your project's root directory.
2. Create a `.lovedeps` text file in your project's root with the following dependency entry:
moonspeak = "https://git.doublefourteen.io/lua/moonspeak",
moonspeak = "https://gitea.it/1414codeforge/moonspeak",
-- ...more dependencies, if necessary...