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df-serialize - A brainless Lua table serializer

df-serialize provides two functions:

  • pack() packs Lua tables to string.
  • unpack() unpacks a string back to a Lua table.

The implementation strives to be useful under the majority of reasonable use cases, to be compact, understandable and sufficiently fast. There is no pretense of complete generality, nor of absolute efficiency. In case df-serialize does not exactly meet your requirements, its code should be immediate enough to tweak to your needs.


Code is documented with LDoc.

Documentation may be generated running the command:

ldoc init.lua

ldoc generates a doc directory, open doc/index.html with your favorite browser to read the documentation.

Test suite

The test suite uses busted.

Tests may be run with the command:

lua spec/serialize_spec.lua


See LICENSE for details.