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project = 'Yui'
title = 'Yui docs'
description = 'Yui is Yet another User Interface library.'
format = 'markdown'
full_description = [[
The Yui library assists in designing menu screens, pause menus, HUDs, and such.
Source code: @{}
Examples: @{}
Pictures: @{}
The main features: grid layout, widget navigation with keyboard/joystick buttons, support for managing custom
input devices (keyboard, mouse, touch, gamepad), and an easily extensible widget collection. The user interface is
described with a declarative approach: the layout is defined once, and events are handled in the callbacks.
Integrated support for localization was achieved through the use of another library: moonspeak.
Most of the widget and theme rendering code are re-used from Matthias Richter's SUIT library.
file = {'', exclude = {'crush.lua'}}
custom_see_handler('^https://(.+)$', function(root)
local url ='https://'..root
return url,