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--- Implements a checkbox widget with a binary tick selection
-- @classmod yui.Checkbox
-- @copyright 2022, The DoubleFourteen Code Forge
-- @author Lorenzo Cogotti, Andrea Pasquini
-- Checkbox widget receives the following callbacks: @{yui.Widget.WidgetCallbacks|onEnter}(), @{yui.Widget.WidgetCallbacks|onChange}(), @{yui.Widget.WidgetCallbacks|onLeave}().
local BASE = (...):gsub('checkbox$', '')
local Widget = require(BASE..'widget')
local core = require(BASE..'core')
local shadowtext = require 'lib.gear.shadowtext'
local T = require('lib.moonspeak').translate
local Checkbox = setmetatable({
__call = function(cls, args) return cls:new(args) end
}, Widget)
Checkbox.__index = Checkbox
--- Attributes accepted by the @{Checkbox} widget beyond the standard @{yui.Widget.WidgetAttributes|attributes}
-- and @{yui.Widget.WidgetCallbacks|callbacks}.
-- @field checked (boolean) to set it checked by default
-- @field text (string) text displayed inside the Checkbox
-- @field[opt='center'] valign (string) vertical alignment 'top', 'bottom', 'center'
-- @field[opt='center'] align (string) horizontal alignment, 'left', 'center', 'right'
-- @field notranslate (boolean) don't translate text
-- @table CheckboxAttributes
--- Checkbox constructor
-- @param args (@{CheckboxAttributes}) widget attributes
function Checkbox:new(args)
self = setmetatable(args, self)
self.text = self.text or ""
self.text = self.notranslate and self.text or T(self.text)
self.align = self.align or 'left'
self.valign = self.valign or 'center'
self.checked = self.checked or false
return self
function Checkbox:onPointerInput(_,_, clicked)
if clicked then
self.checked = not self.checked
function Checkbox:onActionInput(action)
if action.confirm then
self.checked = not self.checked
function Checkbox:draw()
local x,y,w,h = self.x,self.y,self.w,self.h
local color, font, cornerRadius = core.themeForWidget(self)
local c = core.colorForWidgetState(self, color)
-- Draw checkbox
core.drawBox(x+h/10,y+h/10,h*.8,h*.8, c, cornerRadius)
if self.checked then'smooth')'bevel')*.2,y+h*.55, x+h*.45,y+h*.75, x+h*.8,y+h*.2)
-- Most checkboxes have no text, so test for performance
if self.text ~= "" then
y = y + core.verticalOffsetForAlign(self.valign, font, self.h)
shadowtext.printf(self.text, x + h, y, w - h, self.align)
return Checkbox